Propelling Real Estate in Qatar: The Influence of Tourism and Direct Marketing

The real estate sector in Qatar could benefit greatly from direct marketing strategies aimed at promoting tourism, according to Abdul Rahman Al Najjar, CEO of Kate Real Estate Group. Al Najjar believes that targeting specific regions, such as Europe and Asia, for tourism promotion would not only increase the number of visitors to Qatar but also stimulate active foreign investments. The collaboration between government and private sectors is instrumental to meet the target GDP growth of 7 to 12 percent by 2030, Al Najjar suggests. With Qatar Tourism projecting nearly six million visitors by the end of the decade, the need for more comprehensive marketing strategies is evident. Although current efforts focus on exhibitions and events, Al Najjar asserts that direct marketing could be a more effective approach to reaching the projected visitor numbers. Qatar has already welcomed over two million tourists in the first half of 2023, a testament to the country’s growing appeal. Al Najjar emphasizes the vital role of real estate in Qatar’s economic growth, offering opportunities across various sectors including finance, banking, education, and health. Government expenditure will greatly influence the number of new projects, creating a thriving market for the real estate industry. Previous international sporting events, like the Asian Games in 2006 and the FIFA World Cup last year, have already shown their positive impact on the real estate sector, encouraging investments and business growth. Al Najjar advocates for long-term investments, recommending an investment plan for five or six years for a stable outcome. As Qatar focuses on boosting tourism and attracting foreign investments, the resultant economic growth will also provide significant opportunities for the hospitality industry. With more visitors and businesses coming into Qatar, the demand for hospitality services will also increase. This is where BM Events comes in. As a leading provider of on-demand staffing solutions, we cater to the growing needs of the hospitality industry. Whether you need event planners, chefs, bartenders, or hostesses, our team of professionals is ready to meet your specific needs. With our assistance, you can ensure that your hospitality services are ready to welcome the influx of visitors and investors to Qatar.

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