The Thrill of Flight: What Gravity Challenge at Katara Amphitheater

Get ready to experience the unimaginable as elite high jumpers from all corners of the world come together at Qatar’s Katara Amphitheater for the first-ever What Gravity Challenge in May. On 9th May, 2024 between 5:40 PM and 8:00 PM, this awe-inspiring competition will defy athletic bounds and gravitational forces.

Details of the Event

The site is the Katara Amphitheater

May 9, 2024

The show will begin at 5:40 PM, after the gates open at 3:00 PM.

The prices of tickets are 250 QAR for VIP and 100 QAR for Regular.

Event’s Highlight

In a quest for the coveted title of champion in this esteemed tournament, athletes will bravely launch themselves into gravity-defying high jumps while striving to outperform their opponents. The winner shall be presented with an exquisitely crafted trophy by the renowned local artist Ahmed Al Bahrani- signifying not only triumphant victory over fierce competitors but also against the laws of nature itself.

Reasons for Attending

The Gravity Challenge is not merely a contest, as it serves to honor human potential and creativity. Those in attendance will relish the dazzling display of aerial feats while admiring the artistry put into crafting an exceptional trophy that seamlessly fuses sports with fine arts.


The What Gravity Challenge will take place in one of Qatar’s most famous locations and is expected to become a prominent occurrence on the sports schedule. With BM Events managing event hospitality staffing, attendees can expect first-class service that enhances their enjoyment. This occasion guarantees excitement and wonder regardless if you’re an avid fan or seeking exceptional entertainment for an evening out. If you desire superior event hosting support, then look no further than BM Events who are experienced in providing professional services that elevate any gathering to extraordinary heights.

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