Experience The Thrill Dragon Boat Regatta Qatar 2nd Leg 2024

Get ready for a thrilling ride with the Dragon Boat Regatta Qatar 2nd Leg 2024, where you will witness heart-pumping excitement of dragon boat racing. The event takes place on Katara Beach no.6 and promises to display outstanding strength, teamwork skills as well as community spirit in Doha’s core area during this one-day festivity. For everything you need to know about experiencing the action live, read on!

Overview of the Event

Our location is at Katara Beach, specifically beach number 6. We are situated directly across from the South Parking Area and adjacent to the Doha Marine Sports Center.

10th of May, 2024

Timeframe: 6:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

Entrance: No charge

Reasons to Attend

The Dragon Boat Regatta is not only a competition but also an animated cultural celebration that unites squads from all over the country, consisting of elite groups and business contenders. Whether you have experience as a proficient paddler or simply an inquisitive spectator, this occasion provides a distinctive outlook on the thrilling realm of dragon boat racing.

Anticipated Outcomes

Witness a Battle of Supremacy: Observe the finest paddling teams harmoniously synchronize with the beat of their drums, vying for victory on open waters. The contagious energy fuels an intense rivalry among competitors aiming to emerge victorious in this fierce competition.

The celebration of community and team spirit in dragon boat racing is well-known. Both novice paddlers and experienced ones exhibit amazing coordination as they work together to form each team.

Katara Beach no. 6 is a scenic venue that provides an idyllic backdrop for the races. Nestled alongside the Doha Marine Sports Center, this locale guarantees breathtaking vistas and vibrant surroundings – making it ideal for spending quality time with loved ones.

This event is open to all, with no ticket required. It presents a fantastic chance for individuals of any background or means to immerse themselves in cultural activities and revel in an exciting day without spending anything.

Arriving at the Destination

Katara Beach no. 6 is situated opposite the South Parking Area, allowing easy access for attendees who are arriving by car. If you’re using public transport, several bus routes serve the area around Katara Cultural Village as well. It’s recommended to arrive early because of the event’s popularity in order to secure a good viewing spot.

Bring what you need

To ensure a comfortable experience throughout the day-long event, it is highly recommended to come prepared by bringing sunscreen, hats and seating arrangements such as foldable chairs or blankets. Although food stalls are expected to be on-site, packing your own refreshments and water will help you stay rejuvenated during the duration of the event.


Katara Beach in Doha will be the stunning backdrop for the Dragon Boat Regatta Qatar 2nd Leg 2024, offering an incredible combination of athleticism and entertainment. With BM Events as your premier hospitality staffing solutions partner, you’ll enjoy a seamless and delightful experience with expertly trained staff to meet every need. Witnessing exhilarating dragon boat racing amidst a festive ambiance is bound to leave you inspired – who knows? You may even find yourself paddling along next time! Save May 10th, 2024 on your calendars; it’s going to be nothing short of remarkable. Whether enthusiastically cheering from sidelines or simply immersing yourself into lively surroundings, don’t pass up this occasion! To ensure top-tier service at your upcoming event through exceptional hospitality staffing or event managment support contact BM events today!

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