Qatar’s post-FIFA tourism thrives with over 91% surge in July visitors

Qatar continues to build on its post-FIFA World Cup tourism momentum, with July reporting a 91.4 percent year-on-year surge in visitors, reaching an estimated 288,000, as revealed by the latest official data. The Qatar Monthly Statistics bulletin, published by the Planning and Statistics Authority, also highlighted a 2.1 percent increase in July compared to the previous month, underscoring the nation’s commitment to strengthening its tourism and cultural sectors. The statistics further showed that visitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries represented 47 percent of the total guest count, emphasizing Qatar’s regional appeal.

Visitors arriving in the gas-rich Gulf nation by port made up as much as 58 percent of the total arrivals.

The monthly bulletin, encompassing various economic indicators, also drew attention to a substantial rise in total electricity generation in July. It recorded an increase of 9.7 percent, with electricity consumption experiencing a concurrent surge of 10 percent compared to the preceding month. Demographic data showed a slight jump in the total population in the country, from 2.65 million people in July 2022 to 2.70 million people in July 2023, at an annual growth rate of 1.72 percent. The total population also increased by 1.8 percent on a monthly basis.

Container shipments soar by 19%  

Meanwhile, the number of container shipments handled by Qatari ports experienced a 19 percent surge in August compared to July, reaching about 119,936 twenty-foot equivalent units, revealed new data released by Qatar Ports Management Co., also known as Mwani Qatar.

The data further highlighted that shipments of building and construction materials surged by 31 percent, totaling 46,075 tons. Additionally, shipments of livestock saw an increase of 215 percent, with 17,231 head of cattle being imported. Vehicles and equipment also grew by 30 percent, reaching 7,875 units.

Furthermore, the data indicated that general and bulk cargo amounted to 160,131 tons. In August, Mwani Qatar received a total of 249 ships. Mwani Qatar plays a pivotal role in managing the country’s seaports and shipping terminals, with ambitions to develop into a regional shipping hub. It is a key player in diversifying Qatar’s economy, ensuring readiness for a post-hydrocarbon future.

The surge in tourism and economic growth in Qatar, as evidenced by the significant increase in visitors and the booming shipping industry, presents a remarkable opportunity for the hospitality and tourism sectors. As Qatar continues to attract a diverse range of tourists, including those from neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the demand for top-quality hospitality services is on the rise. BM Events, with its expertise in casual on-demand hospitality staffing solutions, plays a crucial role in ensuring that the hospitality sector can maintain its high standards and meet the increased demand for services. With Qatar’s commitment to strengthening its tourism and cultural sectors, BM Events is well-positioned to support the industry by providing skilled and reliable staff to hotels, restaurants, and events, contributing to Qatar’s extraordinary journey in hospitality and tourism. Whether it’s catering to the needs of the growing number of tourists or facilitating events and gatherings, BM Events is an essential partner in this exciting period of growth.

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