Qatar Observes Record-Breaking Tourism in First Half of 2023:

This year, Qatar has observed an exceptional surge in its tourism sector, with an influx of over two million international tourists marking a milestone in the country’s hospitality and event industry, reports Qatar Tourism.

These remarkable figures, representing an unprecedented record for the months of May and June, have doubled compared to the pre-pandemic statistics of 2019, confirming the robust recovery and expansion of the tourism sector in Qatar.

The compelling ‘Feel More in Qatar’ campaign, launched by Qatar Tourism across key international markets, has significantly contributed to the sector’s astounding growth. Besides this, an impressive line-up of world-class events and the lingering vibrancy from last year’s FIFA World Cup™ tournament have been major drivers of the sector’s prosperity. The ease of visa procedures via the recently relaunched Hayya platform has further facilitated this influx of global visitors.

Qatar Tourism’s initiative, ‘Feel Winter in Qatar,’ added to the allure with the 19th Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, the 12th Qatar International Food Festival, and a series of concerts by Qatar Live. Various international sporting events, such as the Qatar GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup 2023, World Judo Championships, and the 8th Qatar Tennis Federation Open, have also contributed to the attraction of the nation.

Furthermore, the ‘Eid in Qatar’ campaigns in April and June significantly bolstered arrivals, with a rich array of festivities featured in the special editions of the monthly events guide, Qatar Calendar.

Berthold Trenkel, Chief Operating Officer at Qatar Tourism, commented on the results: “These robust visitor numbers are a testament to the determination, hard work, and resilience of all involved in Qatar’s tourism and hospitality industry.”

The majority of the tourists arrived via air (51%), while 37% arrived by land, and 12% by sea. Saudi Arabia, India, and Germany were the top contributors to these arrival figures.

This momentous development in Qatar’s tourism sector bodes well for the hospitality industry, creating a myriad of opportunities for businesses and service providers.

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