Fulfilling your recruitment needs this Ramadan

Ramadan is observed as a holy month by Muslims as it is the month in which the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Its 13th initiation is based on the glimpsing of the new moon. During Ramadan, Muslims practice and implement self-control, a key aspect of which is the abstinence from food and drink that is prescribed to all able Muslims during the hours of sunrise to sunset. Although Muslims fast during other times of the year, Ramadan is the only occasion where fasting is obligatory during the course of an entire month.

There are a lot of employees in Qatar who intend to take holidays during Ramadan. Although the weather is significantly hot this year. However, as per prevailing laws, the work hours are to be reduced by two hours during the holy month. The reduced working hours for employees during the month of Ramadan applies to all the companies based in Qatar. The importance of Ramadan is therefore acknowledged and respected by all employers and employees operating within Qatar.

For many employers, in particular, religious obligations such as Ramadan raise two competing interests: business continuity and performance on the one hand and cultural sensitivities on the other. The primary concern, for the employers, will be the impact of the reduced working hours on their businesses. This is where BME Qatar comes into action.

BME Qatar is dedicated to maintaining continuous services to our clients all over Qatar throughout the month of Ramadan. Our team of skilled professionals is here to provide the best staffing solutions according to your requirements that are always available during this month of Ramadan. Our staff is well-trained, enthusiastic, and full of energy in carrying out all operations while you sit back and relax.

Brilliant Minds Qatar is intended to provide optimal and tailored solutions to your hospitality needs which is why you don’t have to take any stress during the blessed month of Ramadan regarding your staffing needs, leave it to us and we will handle the rest.

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