Flourishing Opportunities in Qatar’s Recruitment Landscape:

Amid a backdrop of economic challenges, Qatar’s employment sector holds immense promise, with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and premium service, according to industry insiders.

During the Madre Business Excellence HR Awards 2022, Timothy Williams, the VP and Head of Business Development at Madre Integrated Engineering, expressed, “Our resilience during these challenging economic times proves our ability to maintain superior service quality. It’s a testament to our distinctive position in the manpower sector.” Williams highlighted the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation, leveraging new technologies across all sectors to amplify the nation’s growth prospects.

Recently, Madre Integrated Engineering celebrated its team’s exceptional achievements with an award ceremony at Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Lusail. Esteemed attendees included Dr. Sokhil Dakkak of UCC Holding and Thaha Muhammed Abdul Kareem from Masskar Group, along with senior leaders from Madre. Noteworthy honorees included Janice A Mendigo, Shibin Devasia, and Swathi K Thampi, who clinched gold, silver, and bronze distinctions in the HRBP awards segment.

Reflecting on the event, Williams acknowledged the collective spirit and dedication, which he believes underpins their significant milestones. Dakkak, representing UCC, commended the sector’s resilience and prosperity in the region, noting the unmatched stability in Qatar compared to other GCC nations. He also praised Madre’s operational excellence, attributing it to their robust market share.

Kareem indicated the ongoing surge in local opportunities, owing to numerous upcoming projects in the subsequent quarters. Celebrating the spirit of collaboration, he stated, “Being part of a dynamic, inspiring team is invigorating, even amidst market challenges. Their passion continually fuels my motivation.” The event culminated with words of gratitude from Jaison Samuel Johnson, the group’s Assistant Operations Manager.

In light of these advancements, BM Events extends its support to these endeavors, emphasizing the importance of industry collaboration for sustained growth in Qatar’s recruitment sector.

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