Doha Climbs the Global Ranks: Kearney’s Global Cities Report 2023

Doha, the vibrant capital of Qatar, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a spot among the top 50 global cities in Kearney’s Global Cities Report for 2023. This upward trajectory reflects the city’s growing influence and prominence on the global stage, moving up seven places from its 2022 ranking. In this blog post, we’ll explore Doha’s journey up the global ranks, the significance of this achievement for the hospitality industry.

Doha’s Rise in the Global City Rankings:

Doha’s ascent in Kearney’s Global Cities Report is a testament to its increasing ability to attract, retain, and generate global flows of capital, people, and ideas. Let’s take a look at how Doha’s ranking has evolved in recent years:

  • 2023: 50
  • 2022: 57
  • 2021: 53
  • 2020: 68
  • 2019: 61

This year, Doha’s ranking has surged to the 50th position, indicating its growing significance on the global stage. This remarkable progress is a reflection of the city’s commitment to fostering innovation, business development, and cultural exchange.

Kearney’s Global Cities Report Assessment:

Kearney’s Global Cities Report evaluates cities based on their capacity to attract, retain, and generate global flows of capital, people, and ideas. The report provides two key metrics:

  1. Global Cities Index (GCI): A measure of current performance.
  2. Global Cities Outlook (GCO): A projection of potential future performance.

The 2023 report, titled “The distributed geography of opportunity,” delves into the transformative forces shaping the world’s most connected cities. It focuses on the social, geopolitical, and technological changes that are reshaping the traditional hierarchy of global cities.

Doha’s Role in the Global Landscape:

While New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing retain their positions as the top five global cities in the report, Doha’s ascent is indicative of its growing importance as a global hub. The city has embraced innovation, infrastructure development, and international collaborations to position itself prominently in the global arena.

Impact on the Hospitality Industry:

Doha’s rising global status holds significant benefits for the hospitality industry. As the city attracts more international attention, it becomes a magnet for business travelers, tourists, and delegates attending global events. This increased influx of visitors creates a thriving demand for hospitality services, including accommodations, dining, and entertainment.

BM Events and Hospitality Staffing:

BM Events recognizes the vital role that skilled staffing plays in catering to the hospitality industry’s needs during such pivotal moments. Our team is dedicated to providing top-tier staffing solutions to ensure that hotels, restaurants, and event venues offer impeccable service to their diverse clientele. As Doha continues to ascend in global rankings, BM Events is committed to supporting the staffing requirements of the hospitality sector.


Doha’s impressive ascent in Kearney’s Global Cities Report 2023 signifies its growing influence on the global stage. This achievement not only positions Doha as a prominent global city but also bolsters the hospitality industry’s prospects. As Doha’s reputation as a global hub continues to grow, BM Events remains a steadfast partner, offering staffing solutions to meet the rising demands of the hospitality sector.

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