West Bay Beaches in Qatar: Reviving Coastal Experiences and Boosting the Hospitality Sector

In a move signaling the nation’s dedication to promoting tourism, Qatar Tourism recently confirmed the extension of operating licenses for three beachfront gems in Doha’s West Bay district: Doha Sands, B12, and West Bay Beach. These picturesque coastal retreats, nestled in Doha’s vibrant core, are anticipated to further enhance family and tourist experiences.

Launched in collaboration with Jordan’s Ayla Oasis Development, B12 Beach Club made its debut in October 2022, right on cue for the World Cup, thereby offering fans a splendid slice of Qatar’s pristine coastline.

Discover Qatar proudly holds the two-year operating mantle for both Doha Sands and B12. Meanwhile, LoftA reaffirms its collaborative partnership with Qatar Tourism, taking charge of West Bay Beach’s seamless management.

As part of its unwavering commitment, Qatar Tourism aspires to provide beach experiences that are family-centric, peppered with sports avenues, and an eclectic array of gastronomic delights.

Aysha Al Mulla, Qatar Tourism’s Head of Tourism Investment Policy, sheds light on this development, emphasizing that the upgraded amenities—ranging from volleyball courts, exhilarating water sports to all-day dining options—have catapulted West Bay beaches as Doha’s top family and tourist hotspots. Al Mulla lauds the decision to extend the operating licenses as a significant step that not only amplifies Qatar’s tourism appeal but also solidifies Doha’s reputation as an ideal family vacation destination.

For Qatar’s flourishing hospitality industry, this renewal spells abundant opportunities. With an influx of tourists and heightened activities along the coastlines, the demand for adept event management and hospitality services is set to rise. This is where BM Events seamlessly fits in. Recognized for offering top-tier on-demand hospitality staffing solutions, BM Events ensures that every event, big or small, in Qatar’s picturesque beaches, is executed to perfection.

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