Souq Waqif sees a surge in Eid attire shopping

Doha, Qatar: As Eid Al Fitr draws near which begins next week or on April 10, the country’s traditional marketplace, Souq Waqif, buzzes with activity as vendors and tailors cater to the surge in demand for custom-made clothing. Men are seen flocking to tailor shops for new thobes, while women browse through a variety of dresses, abayas, and kaftans.

Mohamed, a tailor at Souq Waqif, shared that they’ve been inundated with orders since last week, with their workload extending late into the night to fulfill customer demands before Eid. Prices for thobes range from QR80 for children to QR100 and above for adults, depending on customisation, with a typical turnaround time of 10 days.

Highlighting the bustling business, Mohamed noted that this period leading up to Eid is particularly lucrative, with orders spiking up to five times the usual volume. Customers like Hussam, returning for the second year, attest to the quality and reliability of the shop’s craftsmanship. “This is my second year with them, so the first time they did a really good job, and now I’m back again with my three-year-old son so they can also make a thobe for him.”

However, it’s not just tailors benefiting from the holiday rush. Khalid, who’s been working in Souq Waqif for over five years, observed a surge in sales of women’s and children’s clothing since last week but most especially during the weekend, attributing it to families having more time to shop due to extended working hours. “The business is picking up, we have seen an increase in sales because of the upcoming Eid Al Fitr.”

Children’s attire, priced from QR60 upwards, and abayas and kaftans starting from QR80, are among the popular choices, with accessories and toys also flying off the shelves, starting at QR25.

The significance of donning new attire for Eid, particularly during the morning prayers, resonates deeply within the cultural and religious fabric of the community, symbolizing new beginnings and gratitude.

The tradition of dressing up for Eid transcends generations, forming an integral part of people’s earliest memories and upbringing. As families gather to celebrate, the exchange of new clothes becomes a cherished ritual, reflecting the essence of joy, purity, and renewal of faith associated with the holiday.

According to Qatar Tourism, during Eid, “everyone wears their best attire, with men often tailoring new thobes, and women, beautiful dresses and kaftans. After a small breakfast at home, families venture out, greeting everyone with “Eid Mubarak” meaning “Blessed Eid”, or “Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair.” meaning “May every year find you in good health.”

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