Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition begins ahead of Ramadan

Doha, Qatar: The 2nd Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition commenced yesterday, perfectly timed as Ramadan approaches swiftly. The event will run from February 25 till March 5.

Dates are usually associated with Ramadan and are consumed usually to break the fast.

The exhibition welcomes visitors daily from 9 am to 12 pm and 3.30 pm to 10 pm. After a hiatus since 2019, the International Dates Exhibition returns, showcasing a diverse range of dates from local and foreign producers.

Featuring exhibitors specializing in date production, supply, and sales, the 10-day festival presents an array of date varieties including Halawy, Mazafati, Medjool, and more, alongside unique combinations like Milk Chocolate Date Almonds and Dates with Coconut. Held at Al Ahmad Square within the traditional market, admission to the event is free.

According to Qatar Tourism, “dates are both a humble fruit and a cultural treasure in Qatar.” It also noted its status as the national fruit and its importance in local hospitality. With Qatar’s conducive climate, date cultivation thrives, with production exceeding 30,000 tonnes in 2022.

“They’re a local delicacy, enjoyed fresh, dried, and processed. The fruit bursts with natural sugars and becomes a beautiful tan-brown in the hot sun. Doha dates are a part of daily life here and are often served with coffee as a symbol of hospitality.”

Beyond Qatar, dates hold cultural and religious significance, particularly in the Middle East. In Islamic tradition, dates are revered for their nourishing properties, commonly consumed during Ramadan for their energy-boosting benefits. Their versatility and nutritional value make them a staple in warm, arid climates. “Having been harvested for at least 6,000 years, dates are ever-popular. Records of date palms stretch back to ancient times,” Qatar Tourism explained.” 

Meanwhile, the Tadweer Art Exhibition, being held at Souq Waqif’s Western Square, continues until February 29. 

Showcasing artworks crafted from recycled materials, the exhibition features the works of 30 artists from over 17 countries, displaying sustainable practices and environmental consciousness. Organized by the Souq Waqif Celebrations Committee in collaboration with the Souq Waqif Art Centre, the exhibition presents around 280 innovative creations, highlighting the intersection of art and sustainability.

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