Qatar’s Ramadan festivities come alive with tradition

Doha, Qatar: As the country is at the halfway point of Qatar’s Ramadan festivities attractions have transformed into hubs of celebration, offering an array of activities to commemorate this sacred period.

From the iconic Cultural Village, Katara to the bustling Souq Waqif, historic Old Doha Port, smart city Msheireb Downtown Doha, the essence of Ramadan permeates every corner, infused with spirituality and cultural significance.

A central tradition during Ramadan is the firing of the Iftar cannon (Midfaa Iftar), an age-old practice that signals the end of the fast. This ritual holds profound cultural value, not only in Qatar but also across Muslim nations worldwide.

Traditional marketplaces like Souq Waqif and Souq Wakra continue this tradition, with the cannon resounding at the eastern square of Souq Waqif and the western square of Souq Wakra. Other landmarks such as the Cultural Village, Katara, Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Grand Mosque, Old Doha Port, Msheireb Downtown Doha, and Lusail Boulevard are also partaking in this ritual.

Supervised by the Qatari Armed Forces, the firing of the Iftar cannon ensures a safe and synchronized event, adding to the splendor of Ramadan celebrations.

Another cherished tradition is the Musaher, or Ramadan drummers, who revive the ancient custom of waking sleepers for Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal. From 10 pm to 11 pm nightly, a group of five men, accompanied by two drummers, traverse the area, heralding the approach of Suhoor with rhythmic chants and drumbeats.

At the Old Doha Port and the Cultural Village, Katara, visitors can witness this evocative tradition firsthand. The management of the Port and the Foundation underscores their dedication to preserving cultural heritage during Ramadan, ensuring that traditional activities take precedence.

Meanwhile, the country has also celebrated days back Garangao, one of the highlights for children which is a cherished Gulf tradition where youngsters wander through the neighborhood singing traditional songs and receiving treats from elders. This beloved custom was celebrated at Katara, Old Doha Port, Expo 2023 Doha in Al Bidda, Msheireb Downtown Doha, different municipalities, and even private and public organizations and schools, among others, adding a nostalgic and joyful touch to the holy month.

Garangao, typically observed on the 14th day of Ramadan, marks a mid-month celebration where families come together for a late-night meal and distribute Garangao bags filled with sweets and nuts to children. The festive atmosphere reverberates with laughter and the rhythmic melody of the “Gara” song echoing through the streets.

In addition to these time-honored customs, Doha’s tourist hotspots offer a plethora of activities to engage residents and visitors alike. Katara, a focal point of festivities, radiates with neon signs and traditional motifs, hosting a myriad of religious and cultural events throughout Ramadan, from enlightening lectures to exhilarating sports tournaments. Meanwhile, Souq Waqif and Souq Wakra extend their hours, welcoming late-night shoppers and diners into their bustling alleys and stalls, adding to the vibrancy of the city’s Ramadan nights.

Moreover, the 11th edition of the Ramadan Sports Festival, organized by the Aspire Zone Foundation, is also in full swing, attracting a diverse array of participants from across the country. Running for 15 days, from March 13 to March 27. The festival features an array of activities at Aspire Zone facilities, with competitions from 9:30 pm until midnight.

As the spirit of Ramadan continues to envelop Doha, residents and visitors find themselves immersed in many traditions, celebrations, and community gatherings, underscoring the rich tapestry of culture and heritage that defines Qatar during this sacred month.

With each passing day, the city’s streets come alive with the sounds of joyous festivities, as families gather to break their fasts, share meals, and partake in acts of charity and kindness. Through the preservation of these cherished traditions, Doha not only honors its past but also paves the way for a bright future rooted in the values of unity, compassion, and cultural diversity.

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