AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Ticket Sales Hit Record Numbers

Unprecedented Demand for AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Tickets as Sales Soar

The AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 is witnessing a phenomenal response, with 90,000 tickets sold within just 24 hours of the second release. Set to host Asia’s top 24 football nations from January 12 to February 10, 2024, the tournament is rapidly shaping up to be a major sporting spectacle.

Record-Breaking Ticket Sales:

The local organizing committee announced this impressive feat earlier this month, highlighting the enthusiastic reception from fans, particularly in Qatar, India, and Saudi Arabia. High-demand matches include the opener between Qatar and Lebanon, and the Saudi Arabia-Oman group stage clash. This surge in ticket sales follows the first batch’s rapid sell-out, where 81,000 tickets were snapped up, predominantly by fans from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Accessibility and Pricing: Tickets, with prices starting at just QAR 25, are available on the AFC website, making the event accessible to a wide range of football enthusiasts.

Hayya Card: An Integral Part of the Experience:

The Hayya Card, initially introduced for the FIFA World Cup 2022, returns as a comprehensive visa entry platform for the tournament. Saeed Ali Al-Kuwari, CEO of the Hayya Platform, emphasized its role in streamlining entry procedures for various events, including the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023.

AFC U23 Qatar 2024 and Visa Categories: Qatar’s strategic overhaul of the Hayya platform now includes three new visitor categories (A1, A2, A3) to facilitate e-visa processes for diverse nationalities, enhancing the ease of attending the tournament.

The Stage is Set: Qatar, as the defending champions and hosts, promises an unforgettable tournament, utilizing nine stadiums across five cities, many of which were venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

BM Events: Enhancing the Tournament Experience: BM Events, a leading casual hospitality staffing company, plays a crucial role in enriching the experience of such large-scale events. Their expertise in providing quality hospitality services will be invaluable in ensuring the success of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023.

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